Triple Deal

Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 0W-20 Motor Oil 5 QT (Packaging May Vary), Automotive Supplies

  • 40% MORE PROTECTION than industry standards with enhanced anti-wear additives that build a bonus layer of defense between critical moving parts within your engine
  • RESIST OIL BREAKDOWN 10X BETTER than industry standards with a combination of premium antioxidants that fight oil breakdown and degradation
  • 25% BETTER PROTECTION AGAINST deposits with extra engine-cleaning detergents
  • EXCEPTIONAL TEMPERATURE PROTECTION and viscosity retention ensure a high level of defense even in the most challenging climates
  • MINIMIZE EXPENSIVE REPAIRS due to exhaust system damage by shielding important engine components


The miles you put on your hardworking engine come with wear that can eventually lead to engine failure without proper protection. That’s why you need Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic. Our scientists and engineers have perfected our motor oil formula to better protect against the four major causes of engine breakdown – wear, friction, heat, and deposits. That means optimized performance and maximum engine longevity. Aging oil in modern engines can break down and leave a critical gap in protection. But Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic includes anti-wear additives for 40% greater protection than industry standards. Plus, our formula contains antioxidants that are 10-times more effective at preventing oil breakdown. Powerful system detergents reduce deposits on engine surfaces. Cold motor oil is thicker and takes longer to get to vital engine parts. Hot motor oil is thinner and less protective. Our package of high-quality synthetic base oils ensures that our oil flows easily in the cold and coats critical engine parts in the heat. Demanding weather conditions are no match for Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic . Available in 1-qt. and 5-qt. sizes, everything in our formula has been engineered, tested, and proven to give the advanced machinery in your engine the crucial protection it requires. Our oil comes with 150 years of trusted, American experience and innovation from the original motor oil brand. Keeping your engine at peak performance every day is as important to us as it is to you. Get Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic and experience your engine’s optimal performance and peak longevity!


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