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Siless Black 80 Mil 36 Sqft Sound Deadening Mat Sound Deadener Mat Car Sound Dampening Material Sound Dampener Sound Deadening Material Sound Insulation Car Sound Deadening

  • Siless VIBRO 80 mil is ultimate quality sound deadening insulation. Designed for the automotive industry as an industrial sound damping material for applications that need extreme performance, it is well suited to the demanding car enthusiast as well.
  • Advanced Formulation - SILESS VIBRO Damping Material consists of newly invented Bmastic, technologically most advanced and efficient sound deadening composition on the market today.


  • Value - SILESS VIBRO Damping Material is just under $1.53 per sqft, priced to be cost effective, when compared to similar products on the market. Car soundproofing does not have to be expensive to work!!


  • Ease of Installation — SILESS VIBRO Damping Material is easy to install with a “peel and place” application. Simply trim the pieces to fit, peel and place and hand roll to ensure good adhesion. No messy spray-on paints or adhesives are needed to install this product.


  • SILESS VIBRO specifications — Thickness 80 mil, Coverage area 36 sqft, Number of sheets in the box 14, Each sheet size 23.6x15.94 inch. Installation instruction is included in the box.


Sound Deadening is one of the most effective things you can do to your car to improve sound quality and eliminate road noise.

SILESS was originally designed for the automotive industry and engineered for car soundproofing and sound dampening.

By reducing or dampening sound vibration in the metal panels of your car, you can eliminate road noise. Whether you are trying to improve the quality of your car stereo or give your vehicle that “luxury car” feel, SILESS is the ideal material.

Unlike some other companies, who use repurposed asphalt roofing materials, SILESS created industry approved Bmastic technologically advanced formulation that is lightweight, easy to cut, super sticky, and 20-30% more effective than any competitors on the market.

Some companies use technology and processes created over 10 years ago, and selling their products at a price 3 times higher than Siless.

SILESS will install easily and stick to all and any interior surfaces, such as; floors, doors, roof, hood, trunk lid, quarter panels and will easily stick to a any other surface and will stay in place without any special preparation, and without any messy drippings and odor.

Installing together SILESS VIBRO and SILESS LINER - such as SILESS 157 mil and you’ve got a ride with even more noise-blocking outcome. First layer of SILESS VIBRO provides 65% off road noise and vibrations and then second layer of SILESS LINER provides 35% coverage from excessive heat. Together, it is ULTIMATE SOLUTION for your sound dampening needs.

Finally, SILESS today - the most advanced, industry approved, ultimate sound dampening material on the market.



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