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Rockin’ Rollers Carrom Board Game with Coins and Strikers - 26" Square, Party Board Game For Kids Adults..

  • CLASSIC GAME- The goal of Carrom is to sink your 9 carrom-men as well as the red queen into the four corner pockets.
  • 2+ PLAYERS- Adults and kids of all ages can enjoy this table game. You can play 1-on-1 or in teams.
  • WOOD BOARD- This strategic game is played on a durable 26” square hand painted pinewood board with 4 pockets and 2” bumpers. 
  • GAME PIECES- The set includes the game board, a 1.5” striker, two 14” long cue sticks, ten 1.1” black wooden coins, ten 1.1” beige wooden coins and two 1.1” red queen coins.
  • MATERIALS- Pinewood.
  • DIMENSIONS- (L) 26” x (W) 26”.


The Carrom Board Game by Rockin’ Rollers comes complete with the black and white coins known as the carrom-men, the two red queen coins, a striker and two 14” long cue sticks – everything you need to play this classic game. Enjoy hours of fun playing this strategic game on the 26-inch square hand painted pinewood board with 4 pockets and 2-inch bumpers. Like Pool and Cronkinole, Carrom is a strike and shoot table game that can be played by kids or adults of any age.


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