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Floral Arrangement Kit Floral Tools Wire Cutter Floral Wire 26 Gauge and 22 Gauge Green Floral Tapes for Bouquet Stem Wrap Florist, Arts & Crafts Supplies

  • Floral Arrangement Kit Included : 1 Pcs Floral Garden Wire Cutter, 3 Pcs Different Color Floral Tape 90 Yard, 114 Feet Floral Green Paddle Wire 22-Gauge, 100 Pcs Floral Stem Wire 18 Gauge Wire
  • Floral Garden Wire Cutter:4.3 inch Length,Steel metal, Plastic Sleeve
  • 3 Rools Different Colors Floral Tapes,Each Roll 1/2 inch Wide,30 Yard Length.Different colors are Dark Green,Green,Grass Green.
  • 114 Feet Floral Green Paddle Wire 22-Gauge,Green.100 Pcs Floral Stem Wire 26 Gauge Wire,14 inch,Dark Green.
  • NOTE:Floral tape doesn't work like other tapes: It takes a bit of a stretch to activate its stickiness. Please note that the pliers need to be greased to prevent rust when they are produced. They are brand new and NOT used items.

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