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Chios Mastiha Tears Gum Greek 100% Natural Mastic Packs from Mastic Growers (25Gr Small Tears), Grocery & Gourmet Food

  • 1 pack of 25gr - Fresh Chios Mastiha Tears Gum Greek 100% Natural Mastic - Gathered From The Mastic Growers Of Chios Island. It comes from the mastic tree that only grows in the island of Chios and it is hand cleaned piece by piece by mastic growers. Its unique properties are unique and recognized all around the world.
  • In summer time the mastic tears maybe stuck together due to high temperatures during shipping, just place them in a cold place and they will get back their hard former state. Mastic should be preserved either in a fridge or a cool place that will not exceed 64 οF or 18 οC. If it is placed in a warm place it becomes soft stick together or it turn into liquid form.
  • If the mastic sticks together and becomes one block, you can place it in the freezer for a few hours and brake it into smaller pieces. You can get the mastic back and forth between the two states (hard and soft) as many time as you like and it will not go bad in any way or lose any of its properties. Mastic gum is originally a liquid resin that comes out of the mastic tree and then it hardens with time.
  • As time passes mastiha turns yellowish and hardens due to oxidation but never loses its beneficial properties. If you keep it in a cold place and air tight, this process slows down. The taste might be a little bitter at the beginning but after a little time it relishes it unique taste and aroma!
  • Scientific research shows that Chios Mastiha has many beneficial attributes for both body hygiene and skin care. Also it can be grinded into powder and be used in cooking!

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