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All-Purpose Shower Squeegee for Shower Doors, Bathroom, Window and Car Glass - Stainless Steel, 10 Inches, HIWARE, Home & Kitchen

  • ALL PURPOSE SQUEEGEE: Easily clean shower doors, windows, tile, mirrors, bathroom, kitchen, decks, patios, and many other surfaces with the versatile squeegee.
  • STREAK-FREE SHINE: Remove soap scum, limescale, and other sources of buildup with this easy squeegee for shower glass doors and other surfaces! Pair with your favorite household cleaner to reveal surfaces that shine.
  • DESIGNED FOR OPTIMUM FUNCTIONALITY: This squeegee shower cleaner comes with a 10-inch wide rubber blade, an ergonomic design, and a lightweight handle, all of which allow for convenient cleaning and quick-drying action. Moreover, the blade features even construction which allow for streak-free and squeak-free water control.
  • EASY TO USE & STORE: Complete with a set of waterproof adhesive hooks, the shower squeegee can be stored almost anywhere for quick access and easy use.
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Designed to work in and out of the bathroom, this squeegee works just as well for windows and car doors! Enjoy resistance-free swiping anywhere for almost all your hard surfaces .


Product Description


The most important feature of our shower squeegee is the high quality material we use which is made of 18/8 stainless steel with a sturdy handle and a precision blade that makes you enjoy maximum durability.

Hiware's shower squeegee is an essential household item that is often used in everyday cleaning. It plays a huge role in cleaning windows, shower doors, mirrors and car windshields, making these surfaces instantly super clean after simple wipes.

What Makes It Unmissable?

  • Our shower squeegee is made of 18/8 stainless steel, 100% rust-resistant with unique usability and particular durability as a trait.
  • The squeegee has an ergonomic design which feels comfortable to hold. The anti-slip details adds additional comfort and friction in addition to its essential characteristics, making it easy to grasp and use.
  • The squeegee creates a convenient and noiseless cleaning method and make surfaces dry with no streaks.
  • The squeegee includes adhesive hooks for hanging anywhere.Easy to storage and easy to find.
  • The squeegee allows you to cut your cleaning time. Use this product can greatly reduce your cleaning time, do not have to worry about glass, windows, granite&marble counter top, mirror and other easy to leave streaks of cleaning stuff


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