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500*0.01G Kitchen Mini Scales High Precision Digital Display Electric Scale for Jewelry Balance Kitchen Food Weighing, Measuring Tools & Scales


1. LCD display with orange backlight.
2. Six different weighing units (g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, gn).
3. Sleek stainless steel build for easy maintenance and reinforced platform strength.
4. Fast and easy to tare and calibrate.
5. It provides low battery and overload indication.
6. Equipped with high precision sensors to provide the most accurate weight readings.
7. Auto Calibration from Keypad.


1. Color: Green
2. Weight Capacity: 500g (Max weighing: 500g; Min weighing: 0.05g)
3. Division: 0.01g
4. Units Conversion:g/ oz/ ozt/ dwt/ ct/ gn
5. Error Range: ±0.03g
6. Power Supply Mode: 2*AAA battery ( Not included)


1. The scale must be placed on a very stable water platform, even small vibrations can affect the readings, sometimes significantly affecting the readings.
2. A good environment free of vibration and air currents.
3. Please calibrate weigh for the first use. The changing of latitude and longitude will impact its accuracy.
4. When you press the "TARE" Button, your bowl + your water(food)≤500g.


- 1 x Digital Pocket Scale
- 1 x Platform Cover
- 1 x Instruction Manual



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