Triple Deal

2Pcs 16G Curved Barbell Cartilage Tragus Eyebrow Flexible Bioflex Helix Conch Earring Crystal Ball Stud Pick Size and Color, Piercing Jewelry

  • FLEXIBLE,LIGHT WEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE - Bioflex lip piercing studs 16g are comfortable, you won’t even notice them when you sleep. They don’t like getting cut by metal studs They are also just as comfortable as wearing any other jewelry.
  • EYE CATCHING JEWELRY – Crystal forward helix earrings 16g are Shiny, Pretty and Adorable. You can’t miss them, so they make great gifts. FEATURES : 16 gauge curved barbell, 8mm curved barbell, curved barbell 16g 8mm, curved barbell small, curved barbell retainer, clear curved barbell 16g.
  • MULTI POSITIONS - You can use these labret jewelry for Cartilage, Labret, Tragus, Snake Bites, Monroe, Lobe and more. However, please check your piercing size.
  • JEWELRY BOX - Came in a cute little clear box, which is great for storing eyebrows rings 16g, or hiding them from small children. It is POSSIBLE to use these as 16 gauge curved barbell, curved barbell piercing jewelry 8mm, 8mm 16g curved barbell, small curved barbell jewelry, curved barbell bioplast, curved barbell retainer.
  • WHAT WILL BE DELIVERED? - 2 pieces of 16g (1.2mm), 5/16 inch (8mm) flexible acrylic curved barbell with 3mm acrylic balls with clear crystal.

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