2018 Car SUV Truck Trailer Cargo Car Roof Rack Basket Organizer Net Car Roof Bag Multipurpose

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1、Made of new bungee materials: LATEX, which is more durable than ordinary rubber nets and has good UV adaptability to prevent long-term corrosion
2、Removable, larger hooks for durability and adding safety when fixing
3、Latex cords also have better elasticity than rubber cords and can be stretched to double lengths to cover oversized or stacked loads
4、With a 4.0 mm thick line, the compact 4.0" X 4.0" grid pattern can hold smaller items and prevents them from falling during travel
5、Ideal for fixing boxes, bags and personal items in pickup truck beds, hook cargo bays and roof rack cargo baskets
1.Material: latex, ABS, polyester fiber
2.Size: about 90*120cm / 35.43*47.24 in
3.Thickness of cord: about 4mm / 0.16 in

4.Weight: about 850g