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2 Way Power Distribution Block, 0/2/4 AWG Gauge In, 4/8/10 Gauge Out, Car Audio Stereo Amp Distribution Connecting Block for Audio Splitter (2Way), RKURCK, Vehicle Audio Accessories

  • Power/Ground Distribution Block
  • 1-0/2/4 Gauge AWG In,2-4/8/10 Gauge AWG Out
  • Made of High Performance Copper
  • DuHigh Temperature Base,High Strength Nonperishable Industrial-grade Plastic Cover
  • Suitable for auto car,RV,ATV,boat or other vehicles, protect your vehicle's audio amplifier system

The 2-way power distribution block allows you to connect as many as three amplifiers to a single power source. The main input lets you connect 4 or 1/0 Gauge wire from your battery to the block, and you can run up to three 4-Gauge or 8-Gauge wires to your amplifiers.

Type: 1 Way In 2 Ways Out power Distribution block
Distribution Block Weight:90g
Size:45 x 40 x 28mm/1.77" x 1.57" x 1.1''" (L*W*H)
Screw-down Wire Clamps
Input: 0GA/2GA/4GA Gauge Wire
Outputs: 4GA/8GA/10GA Gauge Wire
Impact Resistant Snap-on Plastic Cover
Platinum-Plated for Corrosion Resistance
Offers complete protection for your car audio system

For your vehicle’s protection, it is better to put an inline fuse holder between the distribution block and your vehicle’s battery.It can also be used to combine the ground wires of multiple amplifiers to a single grounding point.

Package included:
1 x 2 Way Car Power Distributor Block Holder


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