Benefits Of Upper Body Strength

Boost your workouts 

The strength of your upper body can even help you in other training areas! HIIT workouts and circuit classes often involve exercises that require arm, back, chest, and shoulder strength. Planks, mountain climbers, and push-ups are examples of HIIT exercises that require full body strength. A strong base is important to perform well and get the most out of those types of workout classes!

Exercises like cycling and swimming require it as well. In order to position their body over the handlebars, cyclists need strong shoulders, and their arms and shoulders generally take most of the impact. Swimmers also need a strong torso and arms to help propel them through the water. 

Streamlines everyday tasks 

Most people go into exercise with the mindset that they want to lose weight, but the benefits go far beyond that. To be able to move freely with a reduced risk of injury and potentially live a longer life, you want a healthy body that looks AND feels good! Well guess what? Strength training can help!

Daily tasks, such as pushing and pulling things, picking up and putting things down, can be made easier with training. Weight training not only helps build strength, but it also improves balance, coordination, and posture. 

Helps build a positive body image

We now know that having a strong upper body helps with posture, boosts other workouts, makes daily life easier, and gives you more confidence! Studies have shown that women who combine strength training with cardio have a more positive body image. 

Lifting weights won't make you bulky! Most women do not engage in rigorous bodybuilding routines and produce one tenth of the testosterone men do. 

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