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🤜🏻 Activated Charcoal, flavored with enticingly cool, fresh mint.

🤜🏻 Appealing onyx grey toothpaste color from the addition of charcoal.

🤜🏻 Helps freshen breath and whiten teeth with regular brushing.

🤜🏻 With vitamins and botanical extracts including CoQ10, goji and pomegranate extracts, organic aloe leaf juice, magnolia bark extract, and vitamin E (sunflower-derived).

🤜🏻 Fluoride free and without the bitter aftertaste.

🤜🏻 Health association certified and completely Vegan.

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Skip waiting time to defrost

Defrost in seconds

🤜🏻 Teflon surface, non-stick and durable

🤜🏻 No microwave, no batteries or electricity required. 

🤜🏻  Environmental, safe and easy to clean.

🤜🏻 Defrost frozen food in much lesser time than normal.

🤜🏻 Grooves designed on the surface, free from bacteria

🤜🏻 quick results and easy to use.

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Theater experience everywhere

Wireless pocket project

🤜🏻 Complete home entertainment system connects to all your devices such as phones and laptops

🤜🏻 Compact enough to fit perfectly in your bag. So it is theater on the go.

🤜🏻 Immerse yourself in lifelike image sizes up to 60 inches. Perfect for movies and even games!

🤜🏻 Say NO to annoying problems like video jitters, color problems or lamp replacements that older projectors have.

🤜🏻 The portable projector can even be powered from just a power bank!

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